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"Hitler, Mao and Lenin Were Darwinists"

It was a fossil exhibit. A young man was inviting passersby to visit it. Those who did visit the fossil collection and observe what this museum had to offer were greeted by colorful posters telling of the "myth of the evolution of the horse" and another, displaying a flying pterodactyl, denounced the evolution of birds as a "hoax." Those who operate this museum were believers in creation.

Yes, a new museum has opened in Kentucky, operated by those who believe in creation, and I have been told it is excellent, but have not yet seen it myself. But this is not about that, though I expect some of the readers thought that perhaps it was.

No, this is about something else going on in other parts of the world that I thought was interesting and would like to share. First, the creationist efforts described in the first paragraph has nothing much to do with efforts of those who profess Christianity at all. The display was a part of a traveling show put on by the Foundation of Scientific Research. This group has, to this point, published books in 59 languages in 80 countries.

This organization is an Islamic creationist group. Its outreach efforts do include the U.S. One article states the following:

In the past year, BAV has blanketed several European countries and the US with its glossy "Atlas of Creation," a lavish 768-page tome weighing more than 13 pounds, sending it to scientists, professors, journalists, and schoolteachers.

One member of the organization estimates that it distributed well over 20,000 copies of the "Atlas," which, like all of the group's books, is written under the name of Harun Yahya. hosts a virtual bookstore that sells "Atlas" ($99) and other Yahya books, and booksellers across Europe have it on their shelves.

Harun Yahya, the author, blames most of the world's ills on Darwinism. He says, "Hitler, Mao, and Lenin were Darwinists. At the root of wild capitalism is also Darwinism. I think if we no longer believe in Darwinism, people will no longer be conditioned to believe in those things."

This most certainly does not win him many friends. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. There are quite a few folks in government and science already opposing him. The increasing European activity of the BAV, as well as of Christian creationist groups, recently prompted a committee of the Council of Europe - a 47-nation group that acts as a kind of continental watchdog - to issue a report strongly warning about its dangers to education.

I am left wondering who I should root for. Ultimately, I will just remain faithful to the Biblical account of creation and be done with it. That is always the best option.

By Jon W. Quinn
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From Expository Files 14.9; September 2007