The Expository Files.

Is Jesus Whatever You Want Him To Be?


Greetings and welcome to the second issue of volume two. We hope you'll be pleased with what you find. We'd like to ask that you help spread the word about EF by telling others about us. Randy Reynolds has written our Special Topic article this month; "What The Bible Says About Christ." Randy has made use of a Life Magazine article that appeared several months ago. A brother in Christ had brought me the magazine to read some time ago. It is amazing that so many people could have such varying ideas about Jesus. They seem to have made Him into whatever suits them.

What occurs to me is that this is the same thing men have always done with God. In the beginning God created man in His own image; but ever since then man has taken it upon himself to refashion his concepts of God according to his own designs and desires. Ancient man did this by creating false gods which resembled mixtures of man and animals, and then religious rituals that were more sensual than spiritual. But the idols of the ancients could offer no hope; they were dead. Their modern counterpoints are no more alive. These false concepts of Jesus only serve to keep men and women from the Savior.

So, "no thank you" to the modern heathen and their demeaning concepts of the Lord Jesus Christ. May they wake up from their madness before they lose their souls for which Jesus died. May they find the new and living way opened by the resurrection of Christ. And may God equip our readers with the courage, faith and zeal it takes to take the gospel to a lost world.

By Jon W. Quinn
The Front Page
From Expository Files 2.2; February, 1995