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"It's My Body!"

Mantras of the 90's #7

The infamous W.C. Fields was quoted as saying, on several occasions, "Get away from me, kid, ya' bother me." Here is a man who had very definite carnal interests and children were considered an intrusion. Yet, the same attitude toward children remains in our day, expressed in the form of abortion. One argument that has become popular is ...

"It's My Body!"

Women who champion the right to abort babies make this argument, as if it settled everything. The concept implied is, there is some sort of absolute right women have over their own bodies that is a greater right than that of the unborn child to live. They cite no authority and give no precedent to this. It is simply asserted.

The modern practice of abortion is the killing of unborn babies. In the Texas Family Code, the law defines abortion in Section 15.02[b]: "Abortion is an intentional expulsion of a human fetus from the body of a woman induced by any means for the purpose of causing the death of the fetus." The modern practice of abortion amounts to abortion-without-qualms, for the sake of personal convenience. This awful practice has been legalized since Roe v. Wade (1973), yet many of the state law books continue to state the reality of this now sanctioned murder: "the death of the fetus."

"It's My Body!" Yes, but there is another body inside of your body. That body may be smaller than your adult body, and dependent upon you for nourishment, but it is a body and a life. In the Bible, there is no distinct ion between pre-natal and post-natal life. After conception and before birth (during the human gestation period), THE BIBLE SPEAKS OF THE PRODUCT OF CONCEPTION AS HUMAN LIFE! (Jer. 1:5; Psa. 139:13-16; Lk. 1:36 with 2:16).

A woman may have a "right of privacy" in regard to a number of things, including her body, but the killing of innocent pre-natal life is never a private matter about which there is some "right."

Don Feder has said, "A society doesn't arrive at Auschwitz overnight." There are laws, judicial decisions and popular prejudices which ought to sound an alarm. The Roe v. Wade decision over 20 years ago; since then, there have been over 28 million abortions in this country - these should sound the alarm.

In a debate over a nuclear power several years ago, a feminist named Juli Loesch was forced to re-think her own contradictory views of fetuses. She was a vocal organizer attempting to stop the construction of the Three Mile Island facility. She had schooled herself on what leaked radiation could do to prenatal development. {Remember, she is pro-abortion; taking the view that the fetus is not a person}. At a meeting one day, a group of women issued an unexpected challenge: "if you're so concerned about what Plutonium 239 might do to the child's arm bud, you should go to an abortion clinic and see what a suction machine does to his whole body!"  (source: Jason DeParle, "Beyond The Legal Right," The Washington Monthly, 1989 by The Washington Monthly Company, 1711 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. 20009.)

By Warren E. Berkley
From Expository Files 4.7; July 1997