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Knowing The Difference!


Do you know the difference between a disciple of Christ – and an ordinary religious person?
1.       The ordinary religious person plays around
          the edges of church and religion – the
          disciple of Christ follows the teachings
          of Jesus every day. Acts 2:42
2.       The ordinary religious person identifies with
          Denominational Christianity in general – the
          disciple of Christ is not ashamed to claim
          membership in the Church of Jesus Christ,
          the one body. Rom. 16:16
3.       The ordinary religious person is flexible, willing
          to compromise and be a silent believer – the disciple
          of Christ holds to the pattern of apostolic
          teaching, without giving any ground to the
          world. Gal. 1:6-12
4.       The ordinary religious person doesn’t care if
          they miss the Lord’s Supper, having  no real conviction
          about it – the disciple of Christ knows what
          the New Testament says about this memorial
          on the first day of the week and wants to
          partake. Acts 20:7; 1 Cor. 11:17-34
5.       The ordinary religious person can move about
          from church to church and denomination to
          denomination without any concerns – the disciple
          of Christ cannot endorse or become involved
          in that for which there is no Biblical  authority.  1 Pet. 4:11
6.       The ordinary religious person has no qualms
          about worldliness – and may think preachers
          are just not with it about having fun, drinking
          and dancing and playing around – the true
          disciples of Christ – according to Eph.
          5:11 – will have no fellowship with the
          unfruitful works of darkness and has
          decided to not be a friend of the world
           (Jas. 4:4).
7.       The ordinary religious person doesn’t care
          much about what the Bible says about how
          to become a Christian – so to him or her –
          virtually everybody is a Christian. The disciple
          of Christ believes the only way to become
          a Christian is to do what the apostles of
          Christ said and wrote. Acts 2:37-41
8.       The ordinary religious person does not consult
          Scripture – to verify what preachers say . . .
          The disciple of Christ must do that. Acts 17:11
You have to decide – are you going to be just an ordinary religious person, some sort of generic  “Christian,” or – a true disciple of Christ,  committed to His teachings!
By Warren E. Berkley
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From Expository Files 21.6;  June 2014