The Expository Files.

Listen and Hear - The Lord Speaks!


It was with fascination that I watched the white Ford Bronco make its way along the Los Angeles freeway, the crowds growing ever thicker along the route to watch and sometimes cheer. Inside was a man who is a legend and hero. He deserves to be treated fairly. His status should afford him no better nor worse treatment than anyone else would receive, but with men such objectivity is difficult. Some, jealous at the success of others, enjoy seeing great men fall, and would give a little push from behind if it would help the fall to occur. To others, hero status is almost a license to do almost whatever evil thing the celebrity decides to do.
Several things struck me about the O.J. Simpson scenario, which still has some time to go before it will end.

First, what went wrong? What was missing? Everything the world says ought to make us happy and content this man had. Most of you reading this know the answer as to what was missing. Too bad the world is in no mood to listen.

Second, all of us will one day stand before the judgment seat of Christ. It simply will not matter how famous or popular we were. How big our house was or how rich we were will not influence this judgment. Even if the masses cheered and adored us, it will not alter the outcome.

Finally, it is the word of Christ that will be the standard of judgment. Today it is fashionable to dismiss the Bible as an outdated book which may contain some moral and ethical truths, but not the absolute, infallible word of God. The editors of Expository Files reject this modernistic approach to the Bible. Too many times the writers of Scripture refer to their work as the word of God. If all these are false, then the Bible is simply a book of tremendously outrageous lies. But if these
claims are true, and certainly the evidence affirms that they are, then its message is what the world needs now more than it needs anything else. It is for this reason that Expository Files came into being; to get this most important message out. It is through the Bible that the Lord speaks to us today.

"Listen, O heavens and hear, O earth; For the Lord speaks..." (ISAIAH 1:2). See you next month, Lord willing.

By Jon W. Quinn
The Final Page
From Expository Files 1.7; July, 1994