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McCort's Book

(A Book Review and Recommendation)

I've known John McCort for about 25 years. We became acquainted when I moved to Mulvane, Kansas. He was there the day I unloaded the U-Haul truck. He lived and preached near Kansas City at the time but his mother was a member of the congregation I was moving to.

We became good friends and in 1981 we traveled together to the Philippine Islands, spending 27 hard days preaching on the island of Palawan. It was an experience that cemented our friendship. But in 1982 and a few years following that time, our friendship was challenged and tested. John fell into sin and everybody who knew and loved him and his family prayed and reacted to save him and prevent a divorce. Brethren in Kansas called me late one night, put together the money and sent me to Indianapolis on the next plane out of Wichita. We didn't entertain any unrealistic hope but some thought I might be able to help. I had a few hours of very strained conversation with John but could work no miracles. His marriage ended and that crisis was followed by years of calamity, heartache and guilt.

As far as I'm able to tell, John McCort has repented of all the sins involved in that frightful episode; he has reconciled with his children; is a faithful member of a sound church; makes an honest living; lives alone and is doing all he can now to warn others of THE SHATTERING CONSEQUENCES OF DIVORCE. That's the name of a book he has written from his own personal experience.

The purpose of John's book is not to deal with all the scriptures that teach us not to put asunder what God has joined. Brethren have written extensively on marriage, divorce and remarriage. John's book is a comprehensive statement of the many consequences of divorce that he and others have been through. He calls attention to a variety of results that impact all of those involved. It is a chilling and dramatic statement of what can happen in the aftermath of affairs, adultery, divorce and remarriage. I believe this kind of book has its place.

If you know someone moving toward divorce, this book may be a useful tool in discouraging an impulsive act or sin. John concludes the book by saying:

"I conclude this book with the prayer that all who read this book will use it as a tool to prevent divorce from destroying lives as it has mine. I am baring my soul for all to read so I might prevent others from making the same mistakes I have made. I pray that lasting good might come from my poor example and encourage those who could be tempted to give up on troubled marriages."

Brethren, this is a message many need to hear. And, I have not found anything in this book that offers any justification, loop-holes or sympathy for those who teach error in dealing with this subject. This is plain talk about how bad divorce is. I recommend John's book, and ask that all who read this pray for John, his children and former wife.

By Warren E. Berkley
The Front Page
From Expository Files 6.11; November 1999