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Need A Personal Tune-Up?
Lower the Volume and Listen

This may seem to be a statement of some prejudice. Exceptions to this rule must be granted. But I believe men have a special sense of knowledge about automobiles. Call this "mechanical aptitude," but when fully developed it is more like a hunch or intuition. Men with this skill can smell and predict trouble with the water cooling system and hear when a plug is bad. They can feel things like wheel alignment and bad shocks. I worked on my own cars back before auto computer boards and gradually picked up little feelings and insights about typical car trouble. Men with this wisdom know, a good habit to follow is - periodically turn the AC and stereo off and just listen. You may hear something that needs attention. (One time on a cool autumn day my wife called from her cell phone. She had turned the AC and stereo off. She was a little alarmed in reporting to me that she heard this winning sound she hadn't heard before. It was the engine!).

In our personal lives - this may also be a good habit. Lower the volume and listen. The noise of your sometimes chaotic daily life; the clamor of competing loyalties and demands; the intimidating resonance of pressures and problems. Turn it all down and listen to what you are thinking, planning and feeling. Focus on your relationship with God; examine your present obedience and growth; face the realities of your temporal existence and destiny. When you turn down the noise and listen, you may learn that something needs to be tuned up!

I believe David wrote about this in Psalms 119:59 - there he said, "I thought about my ways, and turned my feet to Your testimonies."

By Warren E. Berkley
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From Expository Files 8.5; May 2001