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 Our 100th Issue

This issue of Expository Files marks a milestone for us. This is our 100th monthly issue. Warren and I have worked well together (if being separated by 1000 miles can be called "working together"). Every issue has been out on time (assuming that this issue makes it on time also, which, due to recent computer problems, is not necessarily a given).

The following is a reprint of my coeditor's opening remarks from that first issue, made back when were both just young fellows (of course, we still are).

January, 1994
Edited by Warren E. Berkley & Jon W. Quinn
Welcome to a unique publishing adventure, EXPOSITORY FILES. This electronic magazine will be compiled monthly by Warren E. Berkley (McAllen, Texas), and Jon W. Quinn (Bradley, Ill.). Our intent is to upload articles with emphasis on the exposition of Scripture. Four or five articles will appear in each issue. Journalistic efforts often evolve in content and material, depending upon the needs of the time. But this is a our starting point. We want to offer articles which are simple, true to the Scriptures, and easy to read.

The writers are members and preachers of churches of Christ all across the country. We share a common concern, that Biblical instruction should be followed. We believe, in every dispensation there is the urgent need to follow whatever instructions we have from God. Today, we have the New Testament.

To send us your comments, you may reach the editors through E-Mail.

Each issue will be numbered in computer style, 1.1, 1.2, etc. This first issue (Jan., '94) is 1.1 for example; the last issue of this year will be 1.12, etc.

We are not entering into this project to make money, raise money or to compete with print media. Both editors write for other print publications. Our motive is to provide Biblical teaching for on-line computer users.

Feel free to upload EXPOSITORY FILES into local BBS networks. And, if you want your friends and associates to have a copy, regard this as freeware; load it onto a disk and pass it on.

"And now, brethren, I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified." (Acts 20:32, KJV).

By Jon W. Quinn
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From Expository Files 9-4; April 2002