The Expository Files


Our 20th Year and our New Series

Warren and I are beginning our 20th year of co-editing and publishing Expository Files. We are so appreciative of all the writers who have contributed their work over the years and have made our effort successful in whatever measure it has been. And also, thanks to our readers, those who have been with us from the beginning and new readers who have only recently joined us. We appreciate your interest and support! Thanks to you all!

Warren and I are excited that our online venture has branched out into areas we never imagined that it would. In 2012 our first "Expository Files Exposition Series" book was published. It is available in several electronic formats such as Kindle or Nook as well as in hardcopy on Amazon. This first book consists of 13 chapters which ran as the "special series" articles in 2012 called "People of the Past With Lessons for Today." We certainly invite you to check it out!

We are also happy to announce that we plan to do the same thing with this year's special series of articles. The 2013 series is called "The Integrity of the New Testament" and deals with textual criticism. Can the New Testament be trusted? Has it been corrupted through time? Can we know what God has said? It should be obvious how important this is. This is especially so given the climate of society today and its attitudes toward the Bible. See Ethan Longhenry's introductory article in this issue to get an idea about why this is important and the direction this series will go. When the series concludes next December we plan to publish our second book and believe that it will prove to be very useful. We are very happy with the quality of writers which have graciously agreed to contribute to this effort.

Again, Warren and I thank you all for your support and for taking the time to look at Expository Files.

By Jon W. Quinn
The Front Page
From Expository Files 20.1; January 2013