The Expository Files

Our Eighth Year

As we begin our eighth year of publication, we are also beginning a new millenium. No, really this time. I know this is what everyone was saying this time last year, but the new millenium actually begins with the first day of the year 2001. This is because there was no year "0"and the first millenium began as "year 1", the second millenium began in 1001 and now the third begins in 2001.

Jesus is coming again. We don't know when (and don't let anyone tell you they do) but this might be the millenium that He does return. And, to narrow it down further, this might be the century He returns. And this might be the decade… the year… the month…. The day… well, you get the picture. (If you want more information on the second coming, see the 12 part series on the second coming which ran in the year 1999 in Expository Files; issues 6.0 through 6.12. All back issues of Expository Files are available for free, online, in several formats and at several locations).

I appreciate my fellow editor and his work and friendship so very much. We appreciate our writers. We are very happy with the quality of the articles that have been written for Expository Files. We also appreciate you, the readers. Do us a favor. Pass the word about Expository Files along to others. We appreciate it. We'll do what we can to continue to make it a worthwhile publication and see that it's articles continue to teach the word, in season and out, giving God the glory.

By Jon W. Quinn
From Expository Files 8.1; January 2001