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Our New Book - "The Integrity of the New Testament"




Warren and I are very pleased to announce that the  book "The Integrity of the New Testament" is now out and widely available in both print and electronic formats.  We, as editors and contributors, want to thank the other contributors for their hard work.  All of them really came through with thorough research as well as well written pieces.  It is a very good book and we trust will prove to be informative and beneficial.


Jeff Wilson wrote the forward explaining the need for such information to be available and accessible to Christians today in an increasingly hostile environment when it comes to the veracity of the New Testament Scriptures.  Nathan Quinn wrote a series of questions for each chapter suitable for group study and discussion or for personal review.  The chapters and writers are as follows:

New Testament Textual Criticism: Why It Matters - Ethan R. Longhenry    

The Gospel: From Oral Tradition to the Written Text - Jon W. Quinn 

Canonicity and the “Missing” Books of the Bible  - Allen Dvorak  

The “Church Fathers” and Their Testimony  - Dan Petty 

New Testament Documents – Date and Authorship  - Steve Wolfgang  

The Earliest New Testament Manuscripts  -  Matthew Allen  

The Nomina Sacra – Names of God  - Shane Scott 

The Copyists: Their Work and Goals  - Doy Moyer 

Dealing With Variances  - Mark Roberts 

Editions of the Greek New Testament  - Dan Peters 

The English Translators  - Mike Schmidt

Our Confidence in the New Testament  - Warren E. Berkley 

Excursive: Exposition of Luke 1 - Kevin Kay


 This book is available in Kindle:

and in print:

as well as at other retail outlets.


Warren and Jon

By Jon W. Quinn
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From Expository Files 21.3; March 2014