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Paul Had His Good Moments and His Bad Moments

This month's special topic concerns what the Bible says about homosexuality. A very insightful book in my library on the subject of homosexuality in America today is written by F. LaGard Smith. It is entitled "Sodom's Second Coming" and it tells you what you need to know about "the deadly homosexual assault."

G.K. Chesterson once said "The people who are the most bigoted are the people who have no convictions at all." It is the Christian who is constantly oppressed in the media today. If network TV portrays a homosexual in an unfavorable light then someone is bound to lose their job. But to mock Christians is a safe thing to do and good for a few laughs. Bigotry is alive and well today, and aimed squarely at the Bible believer.

What homosexuals desire today is not simply legal protection from discrimination and persecution; they want moral sanction. Sometimes the media seems to suggest that almost every other person is gay. Kinsey (of the famed sex study) put the figure at 10% of the U.S. population as being gay, but his results are suspect due to where he took his survey samples. More recent studies put the figure much lower, closer to between 1 and 2%. That's still 2 to 3 million Americans, but much less than you would expect when watching the news or when considering the political clout of this group.

I certainly recommend Smith's book (published by Harvest House) as well as Adonis Bailey's article found elsewhere in this issue. Smith included a sample of the revised lyrics of the hymn "Amazing Grace" used at San Francisco's Glide Memorial United Methodist Church (a gay church).

"Twas guilt that taught my heart to fear,
And pride my fears relieved;
How precious did that pride appear,
The hour I first believed."

These are fine lyrics for those to whom Jesus is not Lord; a thrilling anthem of the worship of self as carnal pride is praised and the guilt of an active conscience is castigated. One gay "theologian", struggling with the writings of Paul concerning the sinfulness of homosexuality, put it this way, "Paul, like most of us, had his good moments and his bad moments." (Williams, "Just as I Am"; page 50). How convenient to be able to dismiss the parts of Scripture one does not like!

The God of all grace has blessed every homosexual with patience, the offer of grace and mercy through the gospel, and the promise of strength to overcome. Faithful men and women of God pray that more of those lost in sin may repent and obey the gospel, rising from baptism to walk in newness of life.

 By Jon W. Quinn 
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From Expository Files 3.3; March 1996