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"Planned Parenthood"


It certainly sounds innocent enough. I think its meant to sound that way. "Planned Death of the Unwanted" probably would not bring as many donations. But what could possibly be wrong about planned parenthood?

What a magnificent piece of PR (public relations) this organization has accomplished through the history of its existence. Championing the right of the poor to "choice" and "free access to legal medical procedures." Planned Parenthood certainly has shoved it in the face of those rich people! Taxing them so poor women can get their abortions. Knights in shining armor; that's what they are! Or perhaps modern day Robin Hoods. Its only fair, after all.

The truth is, over 70 years ago Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood of America. She was not a lady to be tangled with! What were her purposes in founding Planned Parenthood? What do you think? To help rid our land of the poor? How? By assisting them so they will not be poor anymore?

Sanger wanted to rid our nation of its poor by exterminating them. She believed those in poverty were there for a reason. They were not capable of being successful, and the ultimate answer is to keep them from multiplying.

"The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it." - Margaret Sanger in "Women and the New Race". Startling! Isn't it! And here, abortion is not even the issue. Sanger has no qualms about suggesting that large families should murder their already born infants! Its not surprising that abortion should be such an acceptable thing among those for whom infanticide is no big deal either! You won't see this quote on Planned Parenthood commercials!

In 1922, Sanger stated that she believed that social programs designed to assist the poor just perpetuated the problem of poverty. She referred to it as "the cruelty of charity" and the real answer was to eliminate the poor themselves. Instead of death camps, the favored method of extermination is the abortion clinic. Earlier, she had put it this way: "More children from the fit (upper classes - J.Q.), less from the unfit (poorer classes - J.Q.); that is the chief issue of birth control." - Sanger, "Birth Control," in "Birth Control Review", May, 1919.

"If we must have welfare, give it to the rich, not the poor." Sanger, "The Pivot of Civilization", p.96. Sanger thought it would be much better to give aid to people who knew how to be successful with it rather than squander it on the poor who obviously didn't. She wanted to "eliminate the stocks" that were detrimental to "the future of the race and the world." The Pivot of Civilization", p. 116-117).

No, I don't think you'll find any of the above quotes in Planned Parenthood ads. But you can find them, and others, quoted and documented in "When Choice Becomes God" by F. LeGard Smith, published by Harvest House.

Who knows, if given a little more authority and freedom to advance their agenda; if we would remove all the remaining restraints; maybe Planned Parenthood would be successful at finally licking the poverty problem. Simply kill all the poor's offspring and wait for the rest to all die out.

Or maybe, there is a better way than the ongoing murder of millions of innocent ones. Y'think?

By Jon W. Quinn
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 From Expository Files 4.3; March 1997