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Politically Correct; Morally Incorrect

The small black and white screen captivated the small boy. It was almost time for his favorite program to end. His light blue hoola hoop lay on the floor next to him as the familiar song came from the speaker:

"Now it's time to say `good-bye'"
"To all our comp-an-eeeee."
"M-I-C; See you real soon!"
"K-E-Y; Why? Because we like you!"

Well, that was back in the mid 50's. This week, four decades later, the largest Protestant denomination in the United States voted that "Now it's time to say good-bye" to the no longer wholesome Disney company. I am sure it did not happen overnight, but somewhere along the way, control of the company's direction was gained by those who hold Biblical concepts of morality with disdain and contempt. Initial reaction from the Disney company to the non-binding boycott by the 16 million member Southern Baptist denomination was essentially "good riddance!"

In many eyes, the Disney company will come out as the courageous hero who would not bow to the pressure of self-righteous bigots. Their stand is certainly politically correct and many suggest will not hurt them all that much economically. It may not, but that will only serve as more evidence that the nation has lost its moral compass.

Politically correct does not mean morally correct, and acceptability to men does not often translate into acceptability to God. If the Disney company does not fear the boycott, that is one thing. But to have no fear of God is quite another. I doubt that the harm done to this nation by the ungodly in control of Disney and other media conglomerates can be measured.

But suppose that the boycott does absolutely no perceivable damage to Disney's economic vitality? Well, in that case, the executives can laugh all the way to the bank. But let them be reminded of Jesus' question:

"What will it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his own soul?"

By Jon W. Quinn
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From Expository Files 4.7; July 1997