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Quiet Provision


Reading Dale Ralph Davis comments on Joshua chapter five … 

“Clarence Macartney told the story about Dr. John Witherspoon’s wisdom in this regard. Witherspoon was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and president of the (then) College of New Jersey. He lived a couple of miles away from the college at Rock Hill and drove a horse and rig each day to his office at the college. One day one of his neighbors burst into his office exclaiming, ‘Dr. Witherspoon, you must join me in giving thanks to God for His extraordinary providence in saving my life, for as I was driving from Rocky Hill, the horse ran away and the buggy was smashed to pieces on the rocks, but I escaped unharmed!’ Witherspoon replied, ‘Why, I can tell you a far more remarkable providence than that. I have driven over that road hundreds of times. My horse never ran away, my buggy never was smashed, I was never hurt.’ 

So, we must beware of thinking that God is only in the earthquake, wind, and fire; of thinking that manna but not grain is God’s food. Most of God’s gifts to His people are not dazzling and gaudy but wrapped in simple brown paper. Quiet provisions of safety on the highway, health of children, picking up a paycheck, supper with the family – all in all ordinary day’s work for our God.” 

-p.#49, Joshua, No Falling Words, by Dale Ralph Davis (Published by Christian Focus)


By Warren E. Berkley
The Front Page
From Expository Files 22.7; July 2015