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"Save the Baby Humans!"

A friend of mine, David Willis, wrote something the other day I'd like to share with you:

I visited Sea World in Ohio this week and noticed an irony. As the crowd was introduced to "Shamu" the Killer Whale, he was perched up on a platform where the humans could easily reach him. Then they picked up a young seal pup, the favorite snack of a killer whale and held him just inches from the huge jaws, while the little creature screamed in terror.

Oh, I'm sorry...did I say "seal pup"? I meant to say "3 year old young boy". He was intentionally frightened while the audience laughed and said "oooh".

Can you imagine the outcry from the ASPCA or Greenpeace if they WERE doing this to a seal? But to terrorize a little human child is okay, I guess.

Of course, David is right. People would not permit terrorizing a young seal pup in such a way. I recall an outrageous news story last year where an abortion clinic was taken to court and found guilty of a crime. They had been disposing of the bodies of their tiny human victims in opaque plastic bags. These human wretches should have known better! Have they no shame? Don't they know how long those plastic bags take to bio-degrade? Yes, that was their crime. They had to pay a fine because they had used PLASTIC bags. People won't permit that either! No Siree!

Of course, the stories are many. Owls, seal pups, eagle eggs, snail darters. dolphins, lab mice and so forth. There are laws to protect them.

But what of the tiny humans, bearing the image of God, a little lower than the angels? What of them?

When a woman goes to abort her baby, she best not wear a mink stole. What would the people say?

 By Jon W. Quinn
The Front Page
 From Expository Files 3.8; August 1996