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"Send in the Clones"


Well, it may not have been the break through it was thought to be. Dolly is dying. Dolly is the world famous sheep cloned in Scotland. She is now three years old, but her cells are more like the cells of her "mother" and not like the cells of a three year old. What this means is that Dolly is aging fast.

A French study suggested that cloned cows are ten times more likely to be unhealthy than those that came into the world the natural way. It is sort of like copying an audio tape. The copy will have imperfections on it. I would imagine that if you cloned a clone, you would really run into problems

The scariest thing about all this is not that man is not capable of achieving some successes in this area, but rather what will he do with them. As his scientific knowledge advances his knowledge of the Creator diminishes. Of course, this is a generalization because many scientists are men and women of faith, but as a whole those involved in the scientific fields are woefully ignorant of the Creator's will. What will happen if potentially harmful knowledge falls under the control of a person without a moral basis upon which to make his decision as to what to do with it?

For example, what would have happened if the knowledge necessary to produce nuclear weapons had developed in Germany under Hitler's control? I expect the world would be a much different place today.

Will we be able to clone humans one day? First, this is not the same thing as "ought we to clone humans?" The people who attempted to build the tower of Babel after the flood were busy trying to answer "yes" to the question "Can we build the tower?" but never got around to asking the really important question of "Should we build the tower?"

The lab where Dolly was cloned had seen plenty of dead sheep embryos on its way to its first success. I wonder how many dead human embryos have already been produced in experimentation. Human life is a gift from God, and to kill it off in the first stages of life is both unethical and immoral. Hands are busy today shedding innocent blood. What will future advancement in the field that gave us Dolly really cost us as human beings?

I have heard the wonderful plans envisioned by those who are pressing on with research. Growing spare parts for ourselves to replace ours when they wear out or are damaged. Simply go to the clone bank and take the spare part off your clone. I have a better idea.

Obey the gospel. Then, when this body wears out or is damaged to where it can no longer sustain life, bury it, and wait for the resurrection, when we will be raised with new bodies; incorruptible, spiritual, glorious, beautiful, and eternal. Then, rejoice with exceeding joy forever through the ages to come.

 By Jon W. Quinn
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From Expository Files 6.9; September 1999