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Standards Have Gone To An All Time Low

The expert said "Standards have gone to an all time low," speaking of our moral standards today. The one making the statement had just signed a deal with CBS to broadcast his radio show on most of the CBS owned stations in our country. It is only because his observation about moral standards is probably correct that he could land such a job at all.

His name is Howard Stern. He is the king of moral garbage. He is proud of it. He has many fans. Quotes I have read from him are outrageous mockeries of once hallowed principles of moral and spiritual righteousness. Why did CBS decide that the time was right to put such filth on most of their stations?

Maybe it was the fact that it does not seem that people find immorality an objectionable thing anymore. Polls taken suggest this, and there have been plenty of such polls taken in the wake of the recent White House scandals. At one time, such a show would be impossible to present on television. More recently it was still risky. But now, CBS evidently believes the risk in minimal. That says something very sad about our nation.

One final point. The contract between Stern and CBS was signed a week after another notable event at CBS. A week earlier, CBS decided not to offer Reggie White a sports analyst contract. Why? Because he had called homosexuality as sin, just as the Bible does. Be on notice: if you are a Bible-hater, then there may be a job opportunity for you at CBS, but if you are a Bible-believer, then there is no need to apply. It appears that the idea "We do not care about a person's character as long he gets the job done" only applies to immoral character traits and behavior. It does not seem to apply to godly traits and behavior. Those are strongly objectionable and they can get you fired or keep you from being hired.

By Jon W. Quinn
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From Expository Files 5.7; July 1998