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The Abomination of Desolation  

The religious and civil leaders were lining up against Jesus for various reasons. They viewed Him as a political danger, not understanding that politics had nothing at all to do with His mission. An ancient prophet, Daniel, had foretold of the rejection and execution of the Messiah at Jerusalem and then, within a generation, the destruction of the city itself (Dan. 9:25-27).

Jesus had warned His disciples to be prepared for the coming destruction of Jerusalem. He told them of signs which would alert them and advised them to flee quickly to the mountains when they saw the signs so as not to be caught in the city (Matt. 24:15,16). He told them that all this would take place in that very generation. One of the signs would be the approach of Roman legions to the city (Luke 21:20).

Jesus was executed, arose, and ascended into heaven. It was a little over 35 years later that Caesar sent his legions to Jerusalem. This would usually be done just as a show of force to quell any potential uprising, but not this time. Little did the populace know that Caesar was about to make an example of Jerusalem. The orders were to utterly destroy the city.

But the disciples of Jesus knew. The Lord had warned them 35 years before. Disciples, and any one they could convince, fled the city. One Jewish historian, Josephus, who was not a Christian, was present at the siege and records that not a single Christian was among the thousands that perished in the horrific slaughter that followed.

It is always beneficial to trust in the words of Jesus.


By Jon W. Quinn
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From Expository Files 19.6 June  2012