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The Horrors of Hell

Several years ago my friend, W.R. Jones held a meeting where I was working in Kansas. He used this poem I found recently.


Hell, the prison house of despair:
Here are some things that won't be there:
No flowers will bloom on the banks of hell
No beauties of nature we love so well.
No comforts of home, music or song;
No friendship or joy will be in that throng.
No children to brighten the long weary night;
No love, nor peace, nor one ray of light.
No mercy nor pity, pardon nor grace;
No water, O God, what a terrible place!
The pangs of the lost no human can tell;
No moment of ease --- there's no rest in Hell.

Hell, the prison house of despair;
Here are some things that will be there:
Fire and brimstone are there we know;
For God in His word has told us so.
Memory, remorse, suffering and pain;
Weeping and wailing, but all in vain.
Blasphemers, swearers, haters of God,
Sinners who refused to be washed in the blood.
Christ-rejectors while on earth they trod;
Murderers, gamblers, drunkards and liars,
Will have their part in the lake of fire.
The filthy, the vile, the cruel and mean;
What a terrible mob in hell will be seen.
Yes, more than humans on earth can tell
Are the torments and woes of Eternal Hell.

-Author Unknown.

 Submitted by Warren E. Berkley 
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 From Expository Files 2.11; November 1995