The Expository Files.


The Modern Controversies Series

This issue begins our third year of publication. If the Lord wills, and delays His coming, we plan on publishing twelve issues this year and pledge to continuously strive to bring you edifying, faith-building articles based on the firm foundation of Scripture.

This issue also begins our 1996 topical series, "Modern Controversies Facing The Bible Believer" with a very "one-sided" article on abortion; but we strongly feel
it is the correct side so offer no apologies for its writer, David Pratte. We only wish his article could be placed before the eyes of every responsible adult in the
nation. Well, we cannot do that, but what we can do is urge you to share his article (and any other article you read in our publication) with others.

Which brings us to another often asked question (and we would be more than happy to have it asked even more often); "Can I copy/use/republish articles found in EF? The answer is "yes" with this qualification; we ask that the source (Expository Files & issue number) and the writer of the article be cited.

Warren and I wish all of our readers God's blessings in 1996.

By Jon W. Quinn 
 From Expository Files 3.1; January 1996