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"The Truth is Out There"

Paganism is alive and well in the twentieth century. New Age thinking advances polytheistic ideas and many varieties of ancient thought. Moral thought today is often determined by the same standards as it was in first century Corinth or Athens. It seems as if the gospel and its adherents are being attacked on all fronts. On the one side there are hedonists and materialists. Pride, pleasure and selfishness become the chief determining factors in determining "what is right and wrong for me." On the other are the spiritual counterfeits that have been offering man false hope for thousands of years. Occultic practices are very popular today. Moral relativism is the watchword, and the idea of there being absolute truth is about the only thing that absolutely cannot be true. Our families are often a mess, and our nation's divorce laws show utter contempt for the Creator's will and purpose for that most important of all human relationship. Babies are dying at the hands of their mothers, many times directly. Society recoils from this now, but grapples with the question as to why it is a crime for a mother to kill her minutes old baby when doctors use "partial birth abortion" to slay the young legally and "safely". We are talking about mere moments here. Why is one a "woman's right" and not the other? The thought of remaining chaste and entering marriage in that condition is too funny for words in our culture. What a mess! What is the answer?

That's an easy one. Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Now as much as ever. This publication holds forth Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the Living God. While we are sure that Expository Files (published since 1994. We were the first "X-Files") is not often confused with the television show X-Files, I would like to borrow one of their phrases. They say "the truth is out there." That is so. His name is Jesus.

By Jon W. Quinn
The Front Page
From Expository Files 5.10; October 1998