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Today's Pharisee

By Tim Rogers


All of this religion stuff, It gets a little much.

Three times a week I go to church and sing and pray and such.

Some folks down there are rude to me. I have to make them speak.

I wish that they would just stay home, or go jump in the creek.

Those hypocrites, no better than the rest of us, I'm sure,

And yet they want to chastise me and make out like they're pure.

We hear the same old lessons, we've heard it all before.

We'd like to hear some new thing now, the old stuff's such a bore.

What's more, they do not have a clue about what time to quit.

The restaurant's filling up, I'm sure, there'll be no place to sit.

I'm always glad when we get done and I am on my way,

To do the stuff I'm working on, and planned to do that day.

Feels good to be religious, it's my cross to bear.

So glad I'm not like other men, I'll have a crown to wear.


Editorís Note: Tim Rogers is an elder for the church in Sinton, Texas and often applies his knowledge of the Bible and people to interesting lines of poetry. While in Sinton last month I preached on Worship, mentioning how we often bring the wrong set of expectations to the event. Tim sent me this poem and I thought it deserved wider exposure. I may talk him into sharing others with us.


By Warren E. Berkley
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From Expository Files 22.11; November 2015