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Truck Envy & Asaph

There is something common in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and other places where there are men. Truck Envy.

This emotional disorder usually occurs while men are driving in traffic and see a truck that is bigger, younger, faster and better. The next level is,
to assume that the driver of the better truck doesn't deserve such a better means of transportation. He is probably not really a good guy. This is
followed by a certain bitterness & self-pity that is rekindled each time a better truck passes by. There are only two remedies for this condition: (1)
Be thankful for the truck you have and get over it, or (2) Go buy the best truck on the market. The 2nd solution only last a few months. The former has the edge when measured by any standard of maturity.

This all seems so silly. To compare what you have to what others have, leading to the conclusion that you really deserve what the lesser folks
enjoy. A juvenile exercise.

It seems childish when trucks are compared. People do the same thing (male and female in every state) based on clothing, houses, jobs, talent, spouses, assets and opportunity. To compare what we have with what others have, leading to conclusions of bitter self-pity, is of no value, is ungodly and is based on an utterly carnal perspective.

Now with all this is mind, read Psalms 73.

By Warren E. Berkley 
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From Expository Files 11.9; September 2004