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Two New Books

Ferrell Jenkins and the Florida College Bookstore recently released two books I have found to be a great contribution to my library.

First, A Tribute TO Melvin D. Curry, Jr. who has recently retired from his teaching work at Florida College after 33 years. Several of his friends and students have written a collection of articles.

Of special interests and use for preachers - Dee Bowman's article on "Homiletics: The Power of Ethical Persuasion." Also, good expository work on passages like James 1:2-18; Psalms 110 & Hebrews 7 (Melchizedek), 1 Peter 2:4-10 and 1 Cor. 8.

You'll find two well written articles dealing with translations, the King James and the American Standard Version (1901). Also:
"Male and Female Created He Them"
"Chronology of the Ministry of Christ"
"Creationism and Churches of Christ"
A section concerning "Historical and Doctrinal Studies," and much more. You will not only enjoy your first reading of this work, I believe you'll make it part of your standard references materials.

The other book, also edited by Jenkins, is the 1997 annual Florida College lecture book. The theme, The Bible Doctrine of Sin. Whatever may happen in our lives and in this nation, we must maintain a clear and biblical view of what sin is - and this involves a variety of issues like temptation, atonement, conscience, and the eventual punishment promised to the wicked. These are other subjects related to sin are dealt with in a clear and biblical manner.

To order both books, contact the Florida College Bookstore:

Nationwide: 1-800-423-1648
Florida: 1-800-922-2390
Fax: 1-813-899-6788


By Warren E. Berkley
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From Expository Files 4.4; April 1997