The Expository Files


We Are 17!

This is the January, 2010 issue of Expository Files (17.1), meaning we are beginning our 17th year of publication.

Among those who hold beliefs in common with us, we were probably the first electronic magazine. With rare exception, we have published on time every month for 17 years. We thank God.

Back “in those days of old,” we distributed the magazine in very primitive ways (remember DOS, CompuServe, MarksList and GarysList?). That’s when we started. A couple of weeks ago we set up an Expository Files Facebook account – and before the end of that day, we had over 100 friends, now at almost 200.

I think of other contrasts like – your editors had no thoughts of being grandparents 17 years ago; laptops and wireless networks were unborn; websites were just beginning to emerge. In 1995 Jon and I conducted a class at the Florida College lectures (with Mark Copeland) on the subject of spreading the gospel through the information superhighway!

When Jon set up the Facebook account he noted: “We have really been pleased with the response over the years, and have been surprised at some of the places EF has gone. For example, a monk in a monastery in the Mediterranean wrote Warren about adding EF to the monastery’s electronic archives. EF has appeared in many forums through the years. It was on AOL during the early days. Several websites have come and gone (most recently Geocities which closed its doors) and presently can be found at three locations. By far, the busiest is at which is run by Steve Rudd. Steve knows how to use the search engines to attract traffic, and EF typically gets over 100,000 hits a month at that site. Our other sites have far fewer hits than that, but still do fine.”

Thanks is due to God first, that we have a message worthy of such wide distribution. Thanks to our wives, writers and readers. We continue, now, our 17th year.


By Warren E. Berkley
The Front Page
From Expository Files 17.1 January 2010