The Expository Files.

We Won!

We won! Not too long ago there were three main religions in America. Now there is only one. There used to be Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Now only Christianity is left. There is no more of the other two.

Incredulous? Does the writer not have both his oars in the water? Why make such an obviously erroneous statement? The University of Virgina has some 118 student organizations on campus which receive university subsidies to assist them in producing newspapers and taking care of other operating expenses. These funds come from a $14.00 charge assessed to each student enrolled. The money is then dispensed to all sorts of groups, including homosexual and feminist student organizations as well as Jewish and Muslim groups. But when a student organization wanted to produce a newspaper espousing the Christian point of view, they were denied use of these same funds on the basis that they were "religious" in nature. (see Christianity Today, 1-9-95, pp. 48,49).

Hey! But what about the Jewish and Muslim organizations? Oh, well you see, those aren't "religious" in nature. They are "cultural." So now we only have one "religion" (Christianity) and two "cultures" (Judaism and Islam). The "Christian" perspective is denied money because it is religious, but the Jewish and Muslim perspectives receive money because they are "cultural." It may be later than we think. See you in June, Lord willing.

By Jon W. Quinn
The Final Page
From Expository Files 2.5; May, 1995