The Expository Files.

"What We Think is Right For Our Audience"

Who's in charge? Who makes the decisions about what is included and discluded from the news? Are they objective? Are they fair? The press would never think of censoring anyone, would they? They are against censorship, you know.

On March 28, the Los Angeles Times ran an editorial cartoon which showed Bob Dole as a crucified Jesus. The crown of thorns spelled out the words "Christian Coalition". Though offensive to a great many people, the cartoon was run anyway. Free speech and all that, you know. We must protect our liberty. We must take a stand.

The same paper (L.A. Times) has refused to run three B.C. comic strips (By Johnny Hart) since January 15th. The reason? The strips might offend some of their readers! What awful thing was said in the strips?

One was about Jesus and His crucifixion. Wiley, one of the cavemen, is sitting under a tree writing poetry. He writes a poem entitled "The Suffering Prince". It ends with this line:

"Never mourn the Prince who was downed,
For He is not lost! It is you who are found."

An LA Times spokeswoman explained that the Times rotates or omits comics on the basis of "what we think is right for our audience."

Hart replied, "They are just digging themselves in deeper... and they are exposing themselves for what they are."

The next time the L.A. Times goes on record about freedom of the press or being against censorship, please understand that you will be reading the words of anti-christian hypocrites.

 By Jon W. Quinn
The Front Page
 From Expository Files 3.6; June 1996