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 Whatever Happened To Chaperons?

I'm convinced one of our problems is that we think we are stronger than we really are; we over-estimate ourselves, and we under-estimate the power of temptation and the wiles of the devil. We associate with people who have a bad influence on us. We go to places where temptation is intense. We entertain thoughts that could lead us into transgression. We neglect our spiritual welfare, and make excuses and generally - get too close to sin!!

And somewhere in all of this dangerous territory - we seem to think that because we've been baptized, there is some sort of automatic protection we enjoy; so we just stumble and fumble around; we play with temptation; we deceive ourselves into thinking we couldn't sin. All of this is foolish and immature and plays right into the hands of the enemy. The devil wants us to think that sin is no big deal.

Paul gives us a great rule in 1 Cor. 6:18: "Flee fornication!" This word "flee" carries the idea of fleeing from danger. Instead of deliberately placing yourself in a situation where you are liable to sin - flee; get out of there, with the energy of Joseph, who ran from Potiphar's wife! Get as far away as you can from that situation of intense temptation - - especially, if you are honest enough to recognize that you are weak, and could sin!! Flee; get out of there!

Our big mistake is - we sometimes place ourselves in the right place to do the wrong thing! We want to hang right around the corner from evil. We place ourselves in the right place - to do the wrong thing, like David - - who was watching Bathsheba; and then asked for her . . and then - - well, you know the rest.

Young people who are not married -- with hormones working overtime - do not need to be alone, in dark, romantic, but unsupervised settings. Boy, I realize to many people, that really sounds silly; old-fashioned; narrow-minded; a radical concept. Even the word "chaperon" has almost fallen out of use in our time.

But regardless of the low standards of modern times there is a certain carefulness about morality and purity that needs to be restored in our families and in our nation. "Flee fornication!" Job said: "I have made a covenant with my eyes; Why should I look upon a young woman?" (Job 31:1).


By Warren E. Berkley  
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From Expository Files 4.5; May 1997