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"Whatever You Do..."


In Colossians chapter three, verse seventeen says: "And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him."

It is worthy of thought, that this verse is comprehensive -- in that it covers "whatever you do." There is the temptation to segment your life into departments: The financial department, the family department, the career department, the recreation department, and the religious department. Having made these separations, it's easy to think of "the religious department" as just one portion of your life, set aside neatly from the other aspects. But in this verse, there is that comprehensive "whatever you do." This should tell us that as Christians, every aspect of our life ought to be under the rule of Christ. The New Testament knows nothing of a separate "religious" part of your life, that's divorced from everything else. Whatever we do, and in all that we do -- in word or deed -- we must live "in the name of the Lord Jesus."

When you sign your name to a check, you are giving the bank authority to pay the holder the amount specified. When you sign your name to a contract, you are authorizing work to be done, or services to be rendered, as stated in the contract. When you sign your name to a petition, you are giving your approval, as an authorized voter and tax payer, to the subject or message of that petition. IN THESE ILLUSTRATIONS, DRAWN FROM DAILY LIFE, WHAT DO WE SEE? Your name carries the weight of your authority. So, if something is done IN YOUR NAME, it is done BY YOUR AUTHORITY.

Now, in the context of Colossians chapter three, if I'm seeking those things above...If the peace of God is ruling in my heart...And, if the Word of Christ is dwelling in me, WHATEVER I DO, I'LL DO IN THE NAME OF CHRIST... that is, by His authority.

We hope the Bible study opportunities offered in EXPOSITORY FILES make a positive contribution to your efforts to live under the authority of Jesus Christ, and do all in His name.

By Warren E. Berkley
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From Expository Files 2.4; April, 1995