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Wolves and Dolphins

I have never understood how anyone with any conscience left can try and justify partial birth abortion. How can inserting an  implement into a babies head to relieve it of its contents be all that difficult to determine whether it be right or wrong? It is murder.

Of course, this is from someone who believes that murder is wrong, and that abortion is murder. But should I grant (and I am not - and with good, solid Scriptural reason) that perhaps it might be difficult for the non Bible believer to determine during the first month or so of pregnancy as to when the fetus actually becomes a human being, I still cannot understand how any doubt would linger concerning a partial birth abortion. It is murder! Of course it is!

Of course, God's Scriptures proclaim that is it a human baby in the womb. Never does the Scripture treat the baby as anything else at any stage after conception. But if I did not know that, I still would not miss the point that a partial birth abortion results in the death of a human being.

Sometimes politicians from my state make me angry. Sometimes they make me proud. Our retiring senator, Peter Fitzgerald, who wants to spend more time with his family, said this recently just prior to the 64-33 passage of a bill to ban partial birth abortion:

"I don't understand how those who can hear the howl of a wolf or the squeal of a dolphin can be deaf to the cry of an unborn child."

I don't understand that either. And I certainly do not understand how thirty-three senators think it is a good idea to allow such cold-blooded butchery of the innocent in our nation. I do understand at least one thing, though. I understand why these senators and their supporters on this issue hate it when photos of the aftermath of the procedure are shown, or when we are told exactly what takes place. The truth is too chilling for us, and they know it. The nation must not be permitted to know the truth. Maybe in another generation or two, after we have become even more calloused, we will be able to handle the truth. But not yet.

By Jon W. Quinn
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From Expository Files 10.8, August  2003