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Warren Berkley and I are happy to acknowledge our 200th monthly issue of Expository Files. Warren had an idea.  He thought it would be good to have our two guest writers for that first issue to write another article for our 200th issue. I concurred, and thus you will find articles herein by Dan Petty and Kevin Kay, as you will also find in our very first issue in January, 1994. 

But a serious thank you from Warren and me to all the writers who have made Expository Files such a help to seekers throughout the world.  Most are still with us, some have gone home. We appreciate you so very much. I have profited so very much by reading your contributions and know that others have as well. 

And a special thanks to my co-editor, Warren E. Berkley. This has been a long time working arrangement which has seen a lot of changes on a personal level as life goes on. But one thing that has remained constant is Warren's friendship and our working relationship. We have never, ever had the slightest problem working together. We have sounded ideas off one another and encouraged one another. We send little tidbits to one another when we learn of places articles from Expository Files has gone. Some of them have been quite surprising.  

Thanks to our readers. There are so many more of you than we ever thought there would be when we began. But, there was a tendency back in the early to mid 90's to not perceive the far-reaching changes that would take place with the internet (or, as it was called then, "the world wide web"). 

But first and foremost of all, thanks to God Almighty, for His grace and compassion; for His taking notice of me; and for His exceedingly great patience as He does.  

Hope you enjoy this month's issue of Expository Files. 

[From Warren: A warm word of gratitude back to Jon. And a special word to him to get well soon. He is recovering from a recent surgery. Doing well but still under the grip of the typical after-effects of such events. And yet, able to get the 200th issue out. Iíve had two or three surgeries since we started EF and sympathize with the intersection of surgery and deadlines. We press on.]


By Jon W. Quinn
The Front Page
From Expository Files 17.8; August 2010