The Bible & 8 Basic Causes of Divorce

There are more than 30 million happy couples in America, more than 60 million people in the United States happily married. But oh, the tragedy of the other 25 per cent. Why do we have to have broken homes? Although there are many reasons, let's take a look at 8 of the most prominent causes of divorce. Identifying the major causes of divorce will prevent us from falling into these areas. The Bible says, "God hates divorce" (Mal.2:16).

The first is money:

The Bible says that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. (I Timothy 6:10) Just two verses earlier, we also read, "Having food and raiment, let us be therewith content". Paul warns that uncontrolled desire for money will lead to a temptation, a snare and into many and foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition, and pierce themselves through with many sorrows. And then he warns, "Oh man of God, flee these things" I Timothy 6:11. Money is the number one cause of broken homes.

Second is alcohol:

There is a popular sign that reads: Alcohol Destroys Internally, Externally, and Eternally. Joan became a Christian believing she could lead her husband Joe, who was an alcoholic, and her daughter Julia to Christ. Joe did become a Christian within a few months and their daughter followed in their footsteps. But Joe didn't hold out. Within two years he was sentenced to the Penitentiary, and served 18 months. The preacher was the best friend they had, one in whom they could confide, and one who would not give up. Joe eventually re-dedicated his life to Christ. Julia graduated with honors from a private religious school, and is now engaged in a most successful career in social work. This is an actual story, of course the names have been changed for obvious reasons.

Third is sexual problems:

The sex pendulum is swung from one extreme to the other. We talk as freely of sex as we talk of politics. Improper attitudes about sex, and not physical causes, bring couples to the breaking point. Both those who regard sex as being acceptable outside of marriage, as well as those who think of sex as dirty and wrong within marriage, are equally guilty of maintaining attitudes which are destined to cause serious trouble to any family relationship.

Fourth is immaturity:

Married life is for adults, not for children. Immaturity is the fourth leading cause of broken homes. There is an age when we are not sure about anything. A toy may be ever so much fun one day, and discarded the next. Much of this same uncertainty goes with the person through adolescence with regard to marriage.

Fifth is jealousy:

One who demands exclusive devotion, and is intolerant of rivalry usually feels inadequate. If one finds himself caught in the clutches of this weakness, he needs to concentrate on self-improvement.

Sixth is the "Hollywood myth":

It's based on the artificial and often unrealistic picture of love and life as depicted by many motion picture films. Two children were talking, one said to the other, "How do you like your new daddy?". The other replied "fine". Whereupon the first said, "That's good, we had him last year". The kind of loose thinking which is the basis for such stories, is a prime ingredient in many needless cases of divorce.

Seventh is in-law's:

"Therefore, shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife. And they shall be one flesh." These are God's words in Genesis Chapter 2, verse 24. Every couple should establish their own home away from parents. Should this not remove the interference then move so far away that contact with in-laws is limited. Problems will arise, differences will sometime seem impossible. But divorce is not the answer. Except in very rare cases.

Eighth is irresponsibility:

When a young man is irresponsible and unwilling to work before marriage, the chances are extremely good that he'll continue the same pattern of behavior after marriage. In the same way the young lady who has shown no sense of personal responsibility before marriage will likely also be unwilling to do her part in containing the home after marriage.

If you're planning to marry such a person, with the expectation of changing him or her, it is very likely that you're in for a sad disappointment. Regardless of how sincerely one may promise to change after marriage, it is very unlikely that such a person will suddenly alter the habits of a lifetime.

The best way to avoid divorce then, is by avoiding the situations that lead to it.

(Read Matthew 19:9) This passage teaches ONLY one lawful reason for divorce and remarry. The other causes of divorce discussed are not valid and justifiable according to God. If anyone divorces for any other reason and marries another they would be living in adultery.

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