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Falun Dafa
Falun Gong
Zhuan Falun

Questions and answers:

  1. Why is Falun Gong dangerous? Because it is a new "eastern religion" that disguises itself as exercise classes, non-religious relaxation and mediation. These exercises are the actual religious ritual of this eastern religion. Of course, it is not truth at all, but a man made eastern religion that incorporates the idea of reincarnation and "you can be a god" etc. In the west, many of their pamphlets deliberately picture causation looking (western looking, non-Asian) people in order to make it look more western friendly. In fact, 99% of Falun Gong practitioners are of Asian decent, but in keeping with their practice of deception, they hide this.
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  2. In summary, Falun Gong practitioners zealously evangelize their religion as mere peaceful exercise and meditation, when in fact they are using this as bait to convert you to their religion.
  3. You only learn that 45 year old "Master Li" (pictured below) is your god and creator after you have participated in many exercise classes and they have gained your trust and friendship. Just as Scientology tries to "suck you in" with a "Free Personality Test", so too Falun Gong uses physical meditation classes to convert you. This technique is called "bait and switch" and in all western societies, it is illegal to do such by law and condemned by all Better Business Bureau's.
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    Notice how all their photos feature "western looking people".
  4. Pictured in the Orange is "Master Li Hongzhi" with the 7 key postures of the divine ritual exercises.

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  5. Meet your creator: Master Li Hongzhi. The Falun Gong "practitioners" (those who evangelize this religion to unsuspecting westerners) will tell you: "Master Li Hongzhi is not accorded special treatment, nor does he accept money or donations from students of Falun Dafa". But this is deception and they love to hide the fact that they view him as their creator. If you don't believe this is true, just ask them, "When did Master Li Hongzhi come into existence?" (he has always existed) Then ask them, "Is Master Li Hongzhi your creator?" (Yes)
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    The God of Falun Gong:
    Master Li Hongzhi
    Creator, object of worship
  6. When did Falun Gong begin? 1992 AD
  7. What are the basic religious beliefs and practices of Falun Gong? The God of Falun Gong is Master Li Hongzhi, who is believed to be the Creator of the heavens and earth and man. Mortal men are to revere "Master Li Hongzhi" as an object of worship. His photo below, in the nice western style suit, is the photo in the front of their "Bible" of Falun Gong which is called, "Zhuan Falun".
  8. Do they have any "holy book" like the Bible? Yes, the Zhuan Falun (their Bible) is merely a collection of 9 "divine essays" (lectures) penned by Master Li Hongzhi since 1992 AD. Of course, Master Li Hongzhi holds the copyright to these divine writings.
  9. How does the individual fit into Falun Gong? If you are part of the Falun Gong religion, you are referred to as a "practitioner".
  10. How is the religion of Falun Gong spread? Falun Gong practitioners make new converts by initially getting your interest in exercise classes. Just like Scientology tries to "such you in" with a "Free Personality Test", so too Falun Gong uses physical meditation classes. We call it "bait and switch". Falun Gong practitioners exhibit a blind naive zealousness aggressiveness in their evangelism of finding new practitioners. Just like Muhammad initially thought that the Jews would give up their religion for Islam in the 7th century, only to be rejected, so too Falun Gong practitioners actually think that Christians will abandon Christianity and adopt Falun Gong. They actually believe Christians will give up their Bible and exchange it for the 9 lectures in the "Zhuan Falun". They actually believe Christians will give up their master, Jesus Christ for Master Li Hongzhi.
  11. Should practitioners of Falun Gong be persecuted, jailed, tortured and killed? No. Falun Gong is a false religion and their converts should enjoy freedom of religion. Other Eastern religions and communism are the ones who are persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Falun Gong practitioners should thank Christians for their freedom in the west. Freedom of expression is a fruit of Christianity. Unlike Islam, who kills Christians that openly preach Jesus died and rose from the dead, Christians are tolerant. Communism is the fruit of the mystical pagan eastern religions. Democracy is the fruit of Christianity. Persecution, torture and murder are the fruit of the eastern religions from which Falun Gong had its recent origin. From a social point of view, Falun Gong is harmless. If they want to believe some 45 year old Asian guy with a new exercise video is their God... then let them believe it. Leave them alone, let them worship their man made God in peace. But let Falun Gong practitioners thank Christians for granting them freedom on the West. Christians are persecuted, jailed, tortured and killed in the places where eastern religions dominate, like China.
  12. Conclusion: Falun Gong is a new "denomination" among many old eastern style religions. It is a religion of lies. It denies Jesus is the son of God. It tries to deny Jesus Christ as our master and exchange Him for Master Li Hongzhi!


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