Why Be A Christian?

What an important question! The answer to that question is important to you, and to everyone you know. It concerns your happiness during your life on earth, and for life after death. Why be a Christian, is a Bible question, and therefore, you can have a Bible answer. We find the name of "Christian" three times in the New Testament. Please write these scriptures down and then read them in your own Bible.

First, open your New Testament to the book of "Acts of Apostles" Chapter 11, verse 26. The last part of this verse says: "The disciples were called Christians, first at Antioch."

The second time we find the name Christian is in the same New Testament book, "Acts of Apostles" Chapter 26, verse 28. The Apostle Paul was given an opportunity to speak before King Agrippa, and tell why he was a believer in Jesus. At the conclusion of his speech, King Agrippa said, "almost thou persuade me to be a Christian".

The Apostle Peter gives us some very direct instructions formed in his first letter, I Peter, Chapter 4, verse 16. First he warns us not to be a murderer, or a thief, or an evil doer, or a busy-body in other peoples business. (This is in verse 15). Following these statements he says: "Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf".

The name "Christian" is divided into two parts - Christ and "ian". It means belonging to Christ. Therefore, when we wear the name Christian, we are wearing Christ's name and we tell the world we belong to Christ.

The name of Christ is the only name we are to wear, and whereby we can be saved. Write down this Scripture: "Acts of Apostles" Chapter 4, verse 12. Please listen while I quote it. "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved." Christians are members of the "Body of Christ" Ephesians 5: 30. In this same chapter Paul speaks of the Church and Christ, husband and wife, and Christians and Christ. Christians are followers of Christ, and he loved us so much, that he gave his life for us. (See Chapter 5, verse 2) When one considers becoming a member of any group, organization, or club, one thinks about the advantages, or rewards of such action. One must also find out how to qualify, or what steps are necessary, to become a member of the group. This is also true when one considers becoming a follower of Christ. There certainly are advantages, and rewards, when one becomes a Christian, and lives by the Lord's teachings.

To qualify for the advantages, and be entitled to the rewards, one must take certain steps to become a member of the Lord's family. The second Chapter of Acts gives an example of about 3000 people becoming Christians. I suggest you read this entire chapter, and as you read, keep thinking about following the same steps the Apostle Peter outlined for these penitent believers, who wanted to know what they must do to be saved.

When you complete the reading of Acts Chapter 2, you will find that God added these people to His church. You will also realize, that these people had been forgiven of their past sins.

Now we are beginning to see part of the answer to: "Why Be A Christian". The first blessing I think about as to why I am a Christian is: I have been forgiven of my past sins! What a great feeling of relief to know my sins have been taken away! As a Christian I have the privilege of prayer. I can ask God to help me with every problem, and know He will answer. As a Christian my aim is living to please God. When I do this, I know I have the promise of a life, which will be better here on earth, and eternal life here after. Life is too short, and eternity too long for one to choose any other course. To become a Christian and live by the teachings of Christ is to live successfully. To neglect the great salvation offered to us is to fail in our mission on earth. Jesus came to earth to redeem us from sin. He died for us that we might live. He has gone to prepare a place for us in Heaven. If we obey Him he will come again for us that we might be with Him eternally! This is why you should be a Christian!

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