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Early Church Fathers
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41 Literally, "a great flame shining forth."

42 Literally, "a breathing."

43 Eusebius omits all mention of the dove, and many have thought the text to be here corrupt. It has been proposed to read ep aristera, "on the left hand side," instead of peristera, "a dove."

44 Literally, "greatness."

45 The Greek, literally translated, is, "and to have fellowship with his holy flesh."

46 This clause is omitted by Eusebius: it was probably interpolated by some transcriber, who had in his mind 1 Pet. iii. 18.

47 Literally, "unsurpassable."

48 Literally, "fellow-partakers."

49 Or, "him."

50 Or, "more tried."

51 Literally, "the birth-day."

52 Literally, "been athletes."

53 Literally, "is alone remembered."

54 Several additions are here made. One ms. has, "and the all-holy and life-giving Spirit;" while the old Latin version reads, "and the Holy Spirit, by whom we know all things."

55 Literally, "having learned these things."

56 Literally, "gift."

57 The translation is here very doubtful. Wake renders the words mhnoj istamenou, "of the present month."

58 Great obscurity hangs over the chronology here indicated. According to Usher, the Smyrnaians began the month Xanthicus on the 25th of March. But the seventh day before the Kalends of May is the 25th of April. Some, therefore, read Aprilliwn instead of Maiwn. The great Sabbath is that before the passover. The "eighth hour" may correspond either to our 8 A.M. or 2 P.M.

59 Called before (chap. xii.) Asiarch.

60 Literally, "according as."

61 What follows is, of course, no part of the original Epistle.

1 Does not this seem a pointed allusion to Rev. ii. 10?

2 Sthqi wj akmwn tuptomenoj.

3 See To the Tralliaus, cap. 13. Much might have been made, had it been found here, out of the reference to Christ the High Priest (Philadelphians, cap. 9).

4 The other Epistles, bearing the name of Ignatius, will be found in the Appendix; so that the English reader possesses in this volume a complete collection of the Ignatian letters.

1 Literally, "before the ages."

2 These words may agree with "glory," but are better applied to the "Church."

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