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39 Literally, "these things are the marvels and error."

40 Or, "known Him."

41 Comp. Matt. xix. 17.

42 Literally, "in a mystery."

43 Literally, "all things."

44 The sense is here very obscure. We have followed the text of Otto, who fills up the lacunna in the ms. as above. Others have, "to see, and to handle Him."

45 Literally, "economically."

46 Otto refers for a like contrast between these two times to Rom. iii. 21-26, and Gal. iv. 4. [Comp. Acts xvii. 30.]

47 The reading and sense are doubtful.

48 Both the text and rendering are here somewhat doubtful, but the sense will in any case be much the same.

49 Many variations here occur in the way in which the lacunna of the mss. is to be supplied. They do not, however, greatly affect the meaning.

50 In the ms. "saying" is here inserted, as if the words had been regarded as a quotation from Isa. liii. 11.

51 [See Bossuet, who quotes it as from Justin Martyr (Tom. iii. p. 171). Sermon on Circumcision.]

52 That is, before Christ appeared.

53 Comp. Matt. vi. 25, etc. [Mathetes, in a single sentence, expounds a most practical text with comprehensive views.]

54 Thus Otto supplies the lacunna; others conjecture somewhat different supplements.

55 So Bööhl. Sylburgius and Otto read, "in the earth."

56 Some render, "nor do I rashly seek to persuade others."

57 Some propose to read, "and becoming a friend to the Word."

58 It has been proposed to connect this with the preceding sentence, and read, "have known the mysteries of the Father, viz., for what purpose He sent the Word."

59 [Comp. 1 Tim. iii. 16.]

60 Or, "esteemed."

61 Or, "given."

62 Literally, "bringing forth."

63 That is, in Paradise.

64 Literally "revealing life."

65 Or, "deprived of it."

66 Literally, "knowledge without the truth of a command exercised to life." See 1 Cor. viii. 1.

67 The ms. is here defective. Some read, "on account of the love of life."

68 Or, "true word," or "reason."

69 Or, "reap."

70 The meaning seems to be, that if the tree of true knowledge and life be planted within you, you shall continue free from blemishes and sins.

71 [This looks like a reference to the Apocalypse, Rev. v. 9., xix. 7., xx. 5.]

72 Here Bishop Wordsworth would read klhroi, cites 1 Pet. v. 3, and refers to Suicer (Lexicon) in voce klhroj.]

73 [Note the Clement-like doxology.]

1 The title of this Epistle in most of the mss. is, "The Epistle of St. Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna, and holy martyr, to the Philippians."

2 Or, "Polycarp, and those who with him are presbyters. "

3 Literally, "ye have received the patterns of true love."

4 Phil. i. 5.

5 Acts ii. 24. Literally, "having loosed the pains of Hades."

6 1 Pet. i. 8.

7 Eph. ii 8, 9.

8 Comp. 1 Pet. i. 13; Eph. vi. 14.

9 Ps. ii. 11.

10 1 Pet. i. 21.

11 Comp. 1 Pet. iii. 22; Phil. ii. 10.

12 Comp. Acts xvii. 31.

13 Or, "who do not obey him."

14 Comp 1 Cor. vi. 14; 2 Cor. iv. 14; Rom. viii. 11.

15 1 Pet. iii. 9.

16 Matt. vii. 1.

17 Matt. vi. 12, 14; Luke vi. 37.

18 Luke vi. 36.

19 Matt. vii. 2; Luke vi. 38.

20 Matt. v. 3, 10; Luke vi. 20.

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