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83 See an ingenious conuecture in Bishop Wordsworth's Hippolytus and the Church of Rome, p. 318, C.

1 Some read, "Philadelphia," but on inferior authority. Philomelium was a city of Phrygia.

2 The word in the original is paroikiaij, from which the English "parishes" is derived.

3 Literally, "who are more pious."

4 The account now returns to the illustration of the statement made in the first sentence.

5 1 Cor. ii. 9.

6 Or, "illustriously."

7 Or, "said to him."

8 Literally, "the nobleness of the God-loving and God-fearing race of Christians."

9 Comp. Matt. x. 23.

10 It was the duty of the Irenach to apprehend all seditious troublers of the public peace.

11 Some think that those magistrates bore this name that were elected by lot.

12 That is, on Friday.

13 Comp. Matt. xxvi. 55.

14 Or, "in."

15 Some read "the Lord"

16 Comp. Matt vi. 10; Acts xxi. 14.

17 Or, "diligence."

18 Jacobson reads, "and [marvelling] that they had used so great diligence to capture," etc.

19 Or, "be silent."

20 Jacobson deems these words an interpolation.

21 Or, "Caesar is Lord," all the mss. having kurioj instead of kurie, as usually printed.

22 Or, "terrible."

23 Or, "cast him down" simply, the following words being, as above, an interpolation.

24 Or, "sprained his ankle."

25 Or, "not turning back."

26 Referring the words to the heathen, and not to the Christians, as was desired.

27 Or, "an account of Christianity."

28 Comp. Rom. xiii. 1-7; Tit. iii. 1.

29 Or, "of my making any defence to them."

30 Literally, "repentance from things better to things worse is a change impossible to us."

31 That is, to leave this world for a better.

32 Some read, "ungodliness," but the above seems preferable.

33 The Asiarchs were those who superintended all arrangements connected with the games in the several provinces.

34 Literally, "the baiting of dogs."

35 Literally, "good behavior."

36 Some think this implies that Polycarp's skin was believed to possess a miraculous efficacy.

37 Comp. Matt. xx. 22, xxvi. 39; Mark x. 38.

38 Literally, "in a fat," etc., [or, "in a rich"].

39 Literally, "he not false and true God."

40 Eusebius (Hist. Eccl., iv. 15) has preserved a great portion of this Martyrium, but in a text considerably differing from that we have followed. Here, instead of "and," he has "in the Holy Ghost."

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