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31 [In Homily VII. 8 a similar injunction is given, at Sidon. The language in both places recalls Acts xv. 20 and 1 Cor. x. 21. But most of the chapter is peculiar to the Recognitions.-R.]

32 Matt xiii. 23. [Comp. Mark iv. 8, 20 where the order of the numbers corresponds with that of the Recognitions. The interpretation is a fanciful one, indicating not only Judaistic legalism, but the notion of esoteric teaching. The passage shows Ebtonitic tendencies.-R.]

33 Clement, being not yet baptized, is represented as not permitted to join with the disciples, even in prayer. [Comp. i. 19, ii. 70-72. This separation is indicated in the Homilies, but more emphasis is placed upon it in the Recognitions.-R.]

1 [Book v. has a partial parallel in Homily X., which is assigned to the second day at Tripolis. The matter here is more extensive. Chaps. 1, 2, show some resemblance to Homily X. 3-6.-R.]

2 Matt. xvii. 20.

3 [Chaps. 4, 5, resemble somewhat Homily X. 2, which contains a preliminary discourse of the Apostle to his followers.-R.]

4 [Here again the doctrine of free-will is pressed, the Homilies containing no parallel. Chaps. 6-13 have no corresponding passage in Homily X.-R.]

5 Matt. vi. 24.

6 Gen. xlix. 10. [This detailed statement of the call of the Gentiles is peculiar to the Recognitions; comp. i. 42. Such passages seem to indicate a tendency less anti-Pauline than that of the Homilies yet the christology and soteriology are Ebionitic.-R.]

7 Isa. lxv. 1.

8 John viii. 34.

9 Luke vi. 36; Matt. v. 45.

10 Deut. vi. 13; Matt. iv. 10

11 [The parallel with Homily X. recurs at this chapter, and continues for several chapters.-R.]

12 [This, with the more specific statement of Homily X. 8, points to an early date.-R.]

13 It was a very prevalent opinion among the ancient philosophers, that the heavenly bodies have some kind of life and intelligence.

14 [Comp. book ii. 45. In Homily X. 10, etc., the influence of the serpent is spoken of, but the discourse here is much fuller. There is, however, a general agreement in outline between chaps. 17-22 here and Homily X. 10-21.-R.]

15 [To chaps. 23-36 a parallel is afforded by Homily XI. 4-18.-R.]

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