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Early Church Fathers
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16 Rom. xi. 34.

17 1 Kings xvii., xviii.; Jas. v. 17,18.

18 Literally, "change the bestower of it for another."

19 The original has here, "as is often known:" that is, as people know from many instances having occurred within their own knowledge.

20 Rom. ii. 28: Rev. ii. 9.

21 Matt. xvii. 20; Luke xvii. 6.

22 [The latter of this discourse, as already indicated (see note on chap. 23), finds a parallel in Homily XI. 4-18, which forms the first half of that discourse.-R.]

1 [Comp. book iii. 31. To this there is no parallel in the Homilies.-R.]

2 It will be remembered that the hours were variable periods, and began to be reckoned from sunrise.

3 [To chaps. 2, 3, there is a parallel in the corresponding chapters of Homily XI. Then follows a long passage similar to that in book v. 23-36.-R.]

4 [The remaining chapters of this book (4-14) correspond with Homily XI. 19-33. The discourse here is somewhat fuller, but the order of topics is the same throughout.-R.]

5 Luke xii. 49.

6 Matt. x. 34.

7 Luke xxiii. 34.

8 Acts vii. 60.

9 Gen. i. 1, 2.

10 [ There is no exact parallel to these statements in the corresponding chapter of the Homilies ( xi. 26).-R.]

11 John iii. 5. [This passage is cited, with additions, in Homily XI. 26.-R.]

12 Matt. xxiii. 25, 26

13 [This chapter is more specific in its statements than Homily XI. 30, to which it has a general resemblance.-R.]

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