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Early Church Fathers
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10 That is, the equatior.

11 [De Maistre, Soirees, vi. 259.]

12 [Comp. John i. 1-3. The expression seems to be used here with a polemic purpose.-R.]

13 [This incident is peculiar to the Recognitons. There seems to be a reminiscence of this chief man in Homily IV. 10, where a rich man provides a place for the discussion; comp. chap. 38 here.-R.]

14 [Peculiar to the Recognitions; there is probably here an anti-Pauline purpose.-R.]

15 [The second day's discussion, in which Aquila is the main speaker, is also of a high order, It is, as already indicated, peculiar to the Recognitions, though with the usual incidental correspondences in the Homilies.-R.]

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