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16 Gen. iv. 12, in LXX.

17 Ezek. ii. 6.

18 This rendering is according to a marginal reading.

19 [Comp. book iv. 12 Homily VIII. 17.-R.]

20 Compare with chaps. 52-54 the doctrine of pairs as stated in book iii. 59-61; Homily II. 15, etc., iii. 23.-R.]

21 [On the creation of the evil one, see book x. 3, etc., and the discussion with Simon in Homily XIX. 2-18.-R.]

22 I Deut. xxxii. 8, in LXX.

23 [Comp. Homily XIV. 3, etc.-R.]

24 [This discourse of Peter is peculiar to the Recognitions; it resembles somewhat the earlier discourse to Clement in Book i,-R.]

25 [ The introduction of these chapters concerning the true Prophet shows a far more orderly method of constructing the entire discussion with the father them that of the Homilies; comp. book xi. 1, 2.-R.].]

26 Wisd. i. 4.

27 [Comp. Homily XV. 5.-R.]

28 If we were to read quam instead of quem, the sense would be that He might lay open to men the way of truth which they had blocked up. So Whiston.

1 [The discourses in book ix. are peculiar to the Recognitions not only in their position in the story, but to a remarkably large extent in the matter.-R.].]

2 [Comp. book viii. 58-62.-R.]

3 [Comp. book viii. 55, 56, Homily XIX. 2-18.-R.]

4 [The doctrine of free-will, and the necessity of evil in consequence, appears throughout. Comp. book iii. 21, v. 6. In the Homilies there is not so much emphasis laid upon is point, but see Homily Xl. 8.-R.].]

5 [Compare If Homily Xl. 26 on this view of baptism.-R.]

6 Ps. xxxix. 12

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