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26 "Evil" is not in the MSS. It is inserted from the next sentence.

27 "Every" is inserted by a conjecture of Schwegler's.

28 Lit., "naturally had their desire towards neither."

29 The MSS. have "by law." We have changed no/mw| into mo/non.

30 The devil is plainly meant by the "he."

31 This passage is evidently corrupt. But it is not easy to amend it.

32 Probably "eternity" should be read, instead of "eternal creation."

33 At this word the MS. of Cotelerius breaks off; and weh ave the rest only in the Ottobonian MS., first edited by Dressel.

34 Matt. xxvii. 51, viii. 24-26.

35 Matt. viii. 31.

36 Possibly the right reading is e0myu/xouj, "it produces living beings."

37 Or, "on whose account."

38 [Comp. xi. 8; Recognitions, iii. 21, 26, etc.-R.]

39 The text is corrupt.

40 The MS. reads: "In this respect he who made him is wicked, who gave existence to what was non-existent."

41 The Greek is either ungrammitical or corrupt, but the sense is evident.

42 This passage is supposed by most to be defective, and various words have been suggested to supply the lacuna.

43 Or, "monarch." But only two letters of the word are in the MS.; the rest is filled in by conjecture.

44 Supplied by conjecture.

45 Three words are struck out of the text of the MS. by all editors, as being a repetition.

46 The editors punctuate differently, thus: "And knowing beforehand that he was becoming not good, He would not have allowed him, unless He knew that he would be useful to Himself." We suppose the reference in the text to be to Gen. i. 31.

47 Or, "self-subsistence." We have supposed a transposition of the words in the text. The text is without doubt corrupt.

48 We have adopted an emendation of Lagarde's.

49 Dressel translates viriliter, "manfully."

50 This word is supplied by conjecture.

51 This passage is hopelessly corrupt. We have changed dikai/wj into dikaioij, the verb, and to/n prodiwrisme/non into tou= prodiw2risme/nou.

52 We have adopted Wieseler's emendation of a!dikon into a0dikei=n.

53 This is a conjectural filling up of a blank.

54 This is partly conjecture, to fill up a blank.

55 The text is likely corrupt.

56 Uhlhorn changed ou[n e0no/j into ou0deno/j. We have changed kai/ tri/ten into kai\ to/te th/n. Various emendations have been proposed.

57 Mark iv. 34. [More probably, Matt. xiii. 11.-R.]

58 We have adopted an emendation of Wieseler's.

59 The words in italics supplied by conjecture.

60 The words in italics supplied by conjecture.

61 This last sentence has two blanks, which are filled up by conjectures: and oen emendation has been adopted.

62 [With chaps. 21, 22, compre Homily XX. 4.-R.]

63 We have adopted an emendation of Lagarde's.

64 Eccles. iii. 2.

65 Lit., "new moons that are according to the moon." Gal. iv. 10.

66 "At times when" is supplied by conjecture.

67 We have followed an emendation of Wieseler's.

68 John ix. 2, 3. [This clear instance of citation from the Gospel of John is found in that portion of the text recovered by Dressel. It is of importance, since writers of the Tiibingen school previously denied that this author uses the fourth Gospel.-R.]

69 We have adopted an obvious emendation of Wieseler's.

70 [Comp. Recognitions, iii. 40, 41.-R.]

71 An amendation of Wieseler's.

72 The whole of this sentence is corrupt. We have adopted the conjectures of Wieseler, though they are not entirely satisfactory.

73 Possibly something is corrupt here. The words may be translated: "Is it not plain that I know how to judge correctly?"

74 The MS. has, "do not cease." We have omitted mh\, and changed pau/sh| into pau/sei. We have inserted the me/ after h!, changed into ei0 before ai0dei=sqai.

75 We have adopted an emendation of Wieseler's.

76 An emendation of Wieseler's.

1 [Chaps. 1-10 are also peculiar to the Homilies, though there are incidental resemblances to passages in the Recognitions, particularly in the presentation of free-will.-R.]

2 "Not" is supplied by conjecture.

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