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3 A doubtful emendation of Wieseler's for the senseless tritogene/j. Possibly it may be for protogene/j, original, and is underived.

4 An obvious correct of the MS. is adopted.

5 We have changed au0toj into a0gaqoj.

6 [With these views compare the doctrine of pairs, as repeatedly set forth; Homily II. 33, 34; Recognitions, iii. 59, 60, etc.-R.]

7 "One" is supplied by Dressel's conjecture.

8 The words in italics are supplied by Dressel's conjecture.

9 Deut. xxxii. 39.

10 We have adopted an obvious emendation of Wieseler's.

11 We have changed ou!shj into ou0 th=j.

12 We have given a meaning to metasugkriqei/j not found in dictionaries, but warranted by etymology, and demanded by the sense.

13 Part of this is supplied by Dressel's conjecture.

14 There is a lacuna, which has been filled up in various ways. We have supposed h0m to be h0 m., possibly mhte/rwn h!. Wieseler supposes "immature boys."

15 Dressel translates, "drawing judgment on himself."

16 An emendation of Wieseler's.

17 An emendation of Wieseler's.

18 e0mfu/tou.

19 We have changed toiou=ton into toiau/thn.

20 Ex. iv. 3, 4.

21 Ex. vii. 19, 20.

22 Gen. ii. 7.

23 Eccles. iii. 20.

24 Ex. xxxiv. 29.

25 One word of this is supplied conjecturally by Dressel.

26 Gen. vi. 2. [Comp. Ps. civ. 4.]

27 Part of this is conjectural.

28 Gen. xviii. 4.

29 Gen. xxxii. 24.

30 We have adopted Wieseler's emendation of me/ into me/n.

31 This passage is corrupt. We have changed o#ti into o#, ti, and supplied tre/pei.

32 Dressel remarks that this cannoy be the true reading. Some other name mentioned in Hom. II. c. 1 must be substituted here or in c. 4.

33 This passage is corrupt. We have adopted Wieseler's emendations for the most part.

34 We have read th=j with Wieseler for tij.

35 Wieseler translates "accidentally."

36 We have changed ou0x w9j e!xon into ou!twj e!xein.

37 Matt. xxv. 41.

38 We have adopted an emendation of Wieseler's.

39 Wieseler's emendation.

40 We have changed a0gaqo/j into a0gaqoi=j.

41 An emendation of Wiseler's.

42 Ex. vii. 9.

43 [Chaps. 11-22 are almost identical with Recognitions, x. 52-64. But the conclusion of that narrative is fuller, giving prominence to be the re-united family; comp. also chap. 23 here.-R.]

44 There are some blanks here, supplied from the Epitome.

45 Supplied from Epitome. The passage in Epitome Second renders it likely that the sentence ran: "But Simon, while doing many miracles publicly in Antioch, did nothing else by his discourses than excite hatred amongst them against you, and by calling you," etc.

46 This passage is amended principally according to Wieseler and the Recognitions.

47 An emendation of Wieseler's.

48 Inserted by conjecture.

49 Part of this is supplied from the Recognitions.

50 Inserted from the Recognitions.

51 These words are taken from the Recognitions.

52 An emendation of Dressel's.

53 Supplied by Dressel from the Recognitions.

54 An emendation of Wieseler's.

55 Ms. reads "empty." Wieseler proposed "new" or "assumed."

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