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Early Church Fathers
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3 [For a full list of fragments and titles of other Apocryphal Gospels, see Schaff-Herzog, i. p. 106. Twenty-nine are given, but in some cases the same work probably appears under two titles.-R.]

4 [That is, this is the tradition. Of such Hebrew original there is no trace.-R.]

1 [This title is taken by Tischendorf from a menuscript of the eleventh ecntury (Paris). At least seventeen other forms exist. The book is variously named by ancient writers. In the decree of Gelasius (a.d. 495) he condemns it as Evangelium nomine Facobi minoris apocryphum. The text of Tischendorf, here translated, is somewhat less diffuse than that of Fabricius, and is based on manuscript evidence. The variations are verbal and formal rather than material.-R.]

2 Susanna i. 4.

3 The readings vary, and the sense is doubtful. Thilo thinks that the sense is: What I offer over and above what the law requires is for the benefit of the whole people; but the offering I make for my own forgiveness (According to the law's requirements) shall be to the Lord, that He may be rendered merciful to me.

4 The Church of Rome appoints March 20 as the Feast of St. Joachim. His liberality is commemorated in prayers, and the lessons to be read are Wisd. xxxi. and Matt. i.

5 1 Sam. i. 6, 7; Hos. ix. 14.

6 Another reading is: In his last days.

7 Another reading is: Into the hill-country.

8 Moses: Ex. xxiv. 18, xxxiv. 28; Deut. ix. 9. Elijah: 1 Kings xix. 8. Christ: Matt. iv. 2.

9 The 26th day of July is the Feast of St. Anna in the Church of Rome.

10 Other forms of the name or Juth, Juthin.

11 Some MSS. have: For I am they maid-servant, and thou has a regal appearance.

12 Several MSS. insert: Thou hast not listened to my voice, for.

13 Comp. 1 Sam. i. 9-18.

14 Tobit ii. 10.

15 Many of the MSS. here add: Alas! to what have I been likened? I am not like the waves of the sea, because even the waves of the sea, in calm and storm, and the fishes in them, bless Thee, O Lord.

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