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11 Judg. xiii. 16.

12 Faustus the Manichaean said that Joachim was of the tribe of Levi (August. xxiii. 4, Contra Faustum). As belonging to the tribe of Judah, he had not the right of sacrifice.

13 Comp. Judg. xiii. 20.

14 Comp. Acts ix. 11.

15 This is the Beautiful gate of Acts iii. 2, to which, according to Josephys, there was an ascent by many steps from the valley of Kedron.

16 Corresponding with the fifteen Songs of Degrees, PS. cxx.-cxxxiv. See Smith's Dict.-art. Songs of Degrees. Another reading is: And there were about the temple, according to the fifteen Psalms of Degrees, fifteen steps of ascent: the temple was on a mountain, and there had been there built the altar of burnt-offering, which could not be reached but by steps.

17 For the hours of prayer, see Apost. Const., ch. xl.; Jerome's letters to Laeta, Demetrais, etc.

18 One of the MSS. has: She was anxious about her companions, lest any of them should sin even in one word, elst any of them should raise her voice in laughing, lets any of them should be in the wrong, or proud to her father or her mother.

19 Or, by the first of all.

20 Or, twelve.

21 One of the MSS. adds: Seeing that he had not a wife, and nto wishing to slight the order of the high priest.

22 One of the MSS. inserts: To the number of three thousand.

23 See Protev. James 8.

24 Another and more probably reading is: And this was Joseph's rod; and he was of an object appearance, seeing that he was old, and he would not ask back his rod, lest perchance he might be forced to receive her.

25 Or, hyacinth.

26 Luke i. 28.

27 Another reading is: The Holy Spirit.

28 Luke ii. 1-6.

29 Gen. xii. 3.

30 See Alford's Greek Testament on Luke ii. 14. [So Rev. Version, following the weight of manuscript authority.-R.]

31 Or Zelemi.

32 Luke ii. 8-12.

33 Isa. i. 3.

34 Hab. iii. 2, according to the LXX. reading, MyyeIxa MyIn#$o

two living creatures, for w@h@yyeEa MynIw@

35 Luke ii. 21-24.

36 This shows the extent of the writer's, or transcriber's knowledge of Greek.

37 Lev. xii. 8.

38 Luke ii. 22-35.

39 Luke ii. 36-38.

40 One MS. has: When two days were past. Another: On the thirteenth day.

41 Mic. v. 2.

42 The siclus aureus, or gold shekel, was worth L1, 16s. 6d.

43 One MS. has: Gaspar gave Myrrh, Melchior frankincense, Balthusar gold.

44 Matt. ii. 1-12.

45 One MS. has: And when Herod, coming back from Rome the year after, saw.

46 Matt. ii. 16.

47 Matt. ii. 14.

48 One of the MSS. has: Then Joseph put the blessed virgin and the boy upon a beast, and himself mounted another, and took the road through the hill country and the desert, that he might get safe to Egypt; for they did not want to go by the shore, for fear of being waylaid.

49 Ps. cxlviii. 7.

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