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27 One MS. thus ends: These things were done in the province of Achaia, in the city of Patras, on the day before the kalends of December; where also his glorious good deeds are shown even to this day; and so great fear came upon all ,that no one remained who did not believe in God our Saviour, who wishes all to be saved, and to come to the knowledge of the truth. To Him be glory to ages of ages. Amen. [This is the ending of the Latin version (in Tischendorf); the Bodleian MS. has a similar conclusion, but the text is differently arranged.-R.]

1 The oldest MS. has Matthias; the four or five others have Matthew.

2 Lit., oeconomy.

3 One MS. inserts: having given thanks to God.

4 The winds from the four quarters of the heavens.

5 One MS. has: and the Lord prepared a small boat, and put angels in it for sailors; and Jesus was, as it were, the master of the boat.

6 Matt. x. 10; Mark vi. 9.

7 One MS. omits the negative.

8 Comp. Matt. viii. 26.

9 One MS. inserts, besides women and children.

10 Mark vi. 37-44.

11 Mark vi. 3.

12 There seems to be something wrong here. One MS. has, the structure of the temple, and omits the following clause.

13 One MS. has: Do not say that I am a carved stone, and that you alone have a name, and are called high priests.

14 Gen. xxiii. 9, 17, following the version of the LXX. and the older interpreters.

15 Not one of the twelve patriarchs was buried in Machpelah.

16 One MS. inserts: And he saw the gate of that city.

17 Matt. x. 16.

18 Another MS. has: make men eat their like.

19 Gen. ix. 11.

20 Two MSS. have: two hundred and forty-nin men.

21 Another reading is, praying.

22 i.e., to be eaten by them.

23 Comp. Acts v. 20-25.

24 One MS. adds: like wax before fire.

25 Or, do not know.

26 One MS. has: Thou art always warring against the race of the Christians.

27 One of the MSS. has Samael.

28 One MS. adds: And Andrew answered and said: O Belial! foe of the whole creation, thou hast always been a robber, warring against the race of men: thou in the beginning didst cause Adam to be cast out of paradise; thou didst cause the loaves upon the table to be turned into stones; and again thou has appeared in this city, to cause the people here to eat up men.

29 Comp. Acts xxiii. 2.

30 Comp. Matt. xii. 45.

31 One MS. adds: And the devil answered and said to the seven wicked demons, My children, kill him that dishonours us.

32 Or, a bishopric.

33 Matt. xxvii. 46.

34 Comp. Matt. x. 30.

35 Matt. v. 18.

36 One MS. has: Yea, for assuredly you have been honoured: for God did not write the law for His people on plates of gold or silver, but on plates of stone. Now therefore, O statue, do this that I require of thee.

37 One MS. has, four.

38 i.e., neophytes.

39 Or, dust.

40 One MS. adds: With the Father, and the Son, and the all-holy and good and life-giving and holy Spirit. Another MS. ends thus: Then the Apostle Andrew wished to go out again to preach. And they assembled from small to great of them, and said: There is one God and Father of all, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, which we have been taught by our father Andrew, the first called in (or by) Christ Jesus or Lord; to whom be glory for ever. Amen.

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