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Early Church Fathers
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1 Dist. 90, Si quis contristatus. Basil, in Reg., c. 74.

2 6, Q. 1, Quicunque sciens. Regino in the Book pf Penance.

3 32, Q. 7, Neque furiosus. And in the Decret. Ivo., book vi., Regino adduces it from the law of Rome.

4 35, Q. 2 and 3, De propinquis. From the Poenitentiale of Theodorus.

5 From the same.

6 35, Q 6, Consanguineos extraneorum. And in the Decret. Ivo., vii.

7 De consecr., dist. 2, Etsi non. And in the Decret. Ivo., i.

8 Dist. 78, Si quis, 30; and in the Decret. Ivo., iii.; from Martin Bracar, ch. 20.

1 See his genuine Epistle, vol. i. p. 1, this series. Compare vol. I. pp. 69, 416, with vii. p. 478.

2 1 Pet. v. 1-4. The Bishops of Rome have only to restore themsevles to the spirit of St. Peter as here set forth, and the schisms of the churches will be at an end. For Tertullian's testimony, see vol. iii. p. 258, note 9.

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