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Early Church Fathers
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1 Dexter. Compare chapters 132 and 106.

2 Tranquillus. C. Suetonius Tranquillus (about a.d. 100). De illustribus grammaticis; De claris rhetoribus.

3 Published or handed down "Prodiderunt." Some mss. read "tradiderunt," and Jerome usually employs "Edo" for publish.

4 Fourteenth year of the Emperor Theodosius. a.d. 492.

5 Hermippus of Smyrna. (3rd century b.c.) Lives of distinguished men.

6 Antigonus. Antigonus of Carystus (Reign of Ptolemy Philadelphus?).

7 Satyrus. A Peripatetic (Reign of Ptolemy Philopator) "wrote a collection of biographies."

8 Aristoxenus the musician. A Peripatetic, pupil of Aristotle, wrote lives of various Philosophers.

9 Varro. M. Terentius Varro the "most learned of the Romans" (died b.c. 28) published among other things a series of "portraits of seven hundred remarkable personages" (Ramsay in Smith's Dictionary).

10 Santra. Santra the Grammarian?

11 Nepos. Cornelius Nepos friend of Cicero wrote Lives of Illustrious men.

12 Hyginus. Caius Julius Hyginus, freedman of Augustus and friend of Ovid.

13 Seek to stimulate 30 31 a [H e 21] and the mass of mss. also Fabricius; stimulate. A.T. Migne. Her.

14 Some A H 25 31 e 21. Fabricius; No T a? Migne Her.

15 The Lord Jesus A H T 25 31 e; The Lord Jesus Christ a; Our Lord Jesus Christ Bamb. Bern; My Lord Jesus Christ Norimb.

16 Out of the way corner of the earth i.e., Bethlehem.

17 In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ farewell T 25 31 a 21; do. omitting Christ A; omit all H e.

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