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18 Died 65-6 or 67.

19 Dispersion. The technical "Dispersion"-the Jews out of Judea. Cf. Peter 1. 1. See Westcott in Smith's Dict. of Bible.

20 Circumcision a paraphrase for "Hebrews" in Eusebius and Rufinus.

21 Simon Magus. That Peter met Simon Magus in Rome is a post-apostolic legend. Compare the Clementine literature.

22 Apocryphal. For literature on apocryphal works see Ante-Nic. Fath. ed. Coxe (N. Y. Chr. Lit. Co.,) vol. 9 pp. 95 sq. The Acts, Gospel, Preaching and Revelation are mentioned by Eusebius. The Judgment was added by Jerome.

This last has been much discussed of late in connection with the recently discovered Teaching of the Twelve. The identification of the Teaching with the Judgment is credited to Dr. von Gebhardt (Salmon in Smith and Wace Dict. v. 4 (1887) pp. 810-11). The recent literature of it is immense. Compare Schaff, Oldest Church Manual, and literature in Ante-Nic. Fath. vol. 9 pp. 83-86.

23 The textual variations on the chapter are numerous enough but none of them are sustained by the better mss. e.g. "First Simon Peter" "Simon Peter the Apostle" "Peter the Apostle" ..."Called canonical" ..."are considered apocryphal" ..."the whole city."

24 Died 62 or 63 (according to Josephus and Jerome) or 69 (Hegesippus).

25 Brother of the Lord. Gal. 1, 19.

26 in his book Joh. 19, 25.

27 garments A H 25 30 e 21; wet garments T e 29.

28 Gospel according to the Hebrews. Compare Lipsius Gospels apocr, in Smith and Wace, Dict. v. 2 pp. 709-12.

29 Origen. H 31 a e 1021; Adamantius A T 25.

30 Died after 62.

31 Gospel Hebrew. Jerome seems to regard the Gospel according to the Hebrews mentioned by him above as the original Hebrew Text of Matthew. cf. Lightfoot, Ignatius v. 2. p. 295.

32 Nazarenes=Nasaraei. See Smith and Wace s.v.

33 Beroea some mss. read Veria and so Herding. The modern Aleppo.

34 Died after 62.

35 in it H 31 a e 10 21; omit A T 25 30.

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